For this year’s ArtPrize, we’ve taken a look at the various environmental impacts that affect us every day and also throughout the world’s largest art competition. While it's nearly impossible to shape our visitor’s habits by ourselves, we feel we can help spark a conversation and provide education when it comes to supporting our local environment.

ArtPrize is excited to announce our Water Share initiative sponsored by Schupan Recycling, a program that aims to eliminate plastic water bottle waste and promote water bottle reuse and local water resources. Americans use 50 billion plastic water bottles a year, and only 23 percent are recycled. That means 38 billion are incinerated or landfilled. At ArtPrize, we want to do our part to change those numbers.

As part of our Water Share initiative, you can purchase an official bottle from our retail store for $20 and receive a free Water Share sticker, or bring your own water bottle and purchase a sticker for your bottle for $5. These bottles and stickers let you fill your bottle up at designated Venues throughout the ArtPrize district. By using a long-lasting, reusable water bottle and utilizing healthy, local water resources, you'll help cut down dramatically on waste during this event.

Aside from the cost of the water bottle or sticker, it’s free for you to use. Look for the official Water Share logo, which looks like a water drop, in the windows of the following Venues:

We’re incredibly excited to see our initiatives begin. Most importantly, we’re excited at the possibility of educating others on the importance of these practices and help start the conversation of what it means to protect our environment. Let’s work together to ensure that our lives and the lives of others we have not met and may never meet are healthy and thriving for as long as possible.

Written by Nick Rudofski, ArtPrize Sustainability Intern

By Amelea Pegman on