This year, ArtPrize has partnered with Organicycle, a local composting company that stands with us in our strong advocacy for sustainability intiatives. Organicycle’s composting services allow residents and businesses to divert material away from harmful landfills and incinerators, utilizing nature’s process to return that material to usable soil. Recently, they have been involved with waste diversion at large events. This year, that includes ArtPrize.

Organicycle has been a huge help to us in realizing our vision of creating Zero Waste Zones at ArtPrize 2014. Organicycle’s special collection containers will be stationed all around the district, specifically Rosa Parks Circle, the HUB, and the Ledyard building. Be sure to look for white, multi-stream bins that will say recycling, composting, and returnables.

To coincide with our Zero Waste Zone efforts at Rosa Parks Circle, you’ll find bins near the food trucks where all items are industrially compostable or recyclable. All food items, such as bones, meat, and dairy are can be composted, as well as soiled paper. Food waste is the heaviest waste material and makes up nearly 15% of our landfills.

Organicycle provides a wonderful opportunity for homeowners and businesses alike to give back to their local environment in a small but meaningful way. They're a local leader in office waste calibration with a 95% success rate of reducing waste costs and a 100% success rate of reducing trash. At local events around town, they’ve also had incredibly high waste diversion statistics, much higher than the national average. We’re incredibly excited to see their efforts at ArtPrize and ask for your help as we aim to go zero waste!

Written by Nick Rudofski, ArtPrize Sustainability Intern

By Amelea Pegman on