Each Pathway is a starting point. Stray from the Pathways often and explore beyond what is familiar. But you shouldn't need to stray too far: 90% of all ArtPrize Venues are within one block of a pathway.

This year, we curated four Pathways that highlight the character of each neighborhood, while keeping you connected with the Rapid’s new Silver Line. Each 2.4 miles long or less, all Pathways are fully accessible and will help you to explore more of the event and our city. Get complete Pathway maps in the 2014 Event Guide, free when you register to vote or pick up Wristbands to take the bus to and around downtown Grand Rapids.

Let’s explore West Side and Monroe North

Th 2.4 mile West Side/Monroe North Pathway takes you along the banks of the Grand River and connects to the Venues in the Monroe North and West Side neighborhoods. The Pathway holds much to see, including seven City Sites, the Ford Museum, and the Grand Rapids Public Museum.


Here are some highlights I found while mapping this route:

  • The Ford Museum: Register to vote at this Exhibition Center, see several Entries on display, and learn about the history of Grand Rapids native President Gerald Ford.
  • Ah-Nab-Awen Park: Take a moment to recline, enjoy the views of the Grand River, and appreciate the history of several Native American tribes honored by this park. Bring a frisbee, blanket, and picnic lunch to extend your day at ArtPrize.
  • Local Business: The city’s theme of ingenuity and entrepreneurship can be seen in businesses along this pathway on both sides of the river.
  • Calder Plaza: See the artwork that inspired the ArtPrize logo!
  • The Grand River: Take in some fresh air and gorgeous downtown views while crossing the Blue Bridge and 6th Street Bridge.
  • Public Transport: Numerous convenient DASH routes and the new Silver Line stop on Michigan near DeVos Place will help you navigate in and out of the city.
By Sinmi Olabode on