Returning for a third year, Pantone Pathways -- presented by X-Rite Pantone -- provides clear walking paths for ArtPrizers to navigate their way throughout the 19-day event. 

With the ArtPrize district covering three square miles of downtown Grand Rapids, it's essential that you have the opportunity to experience everything ArtPrize has to offer! Thanks to the six Pathways, you'll be able to see the highlights of each neighborhood's character including local businesses, distinct neighborhoods as well as featured venues and activities. With each Path being 2.4 miles or less, you can experience nearly 90% of ArtPrize Nine venues. 

Don't know where to start your journey? Make sure to stop by any of our eight ArtPrize HUBS -- where our eager volunteers are ready to help -- to pick up your event guide, map and sign up to vote!  Our friendly volunteers will also be available to assist with any additional questions you may have. Also, make sure to check out the ArtPrize Nine Mobile App  -- available for download for iOS and Android devices -- to find Venues near you, stay up-to-date on events, announcements and vote for your favorite pieces.

Share Your Pantone Pathway Experience

While you're out exploring the event on the Pantone Pathways listed below, we'd love to see the sights you're seeing! Share your favorite works of art, city sites and more on Snapchat with Pantone Pathway geofilters that will be popping up around the city throughout the 19 days. And while you're at Rosa Parks Circle and the Blue Bridge (where one of our new ArtPrize Murals grantees will create a mural on a shipping container!), snap a photo through one of the larger-than-life viewfinders and share on your favorite social channel using the hashtag #PantonePathways.

ArtPrize Nine Pantone Pathways


Covering 2.2 miles of Grand Rapids, the Center City lies in the heart of downtown. With Monroe Center, Rosa Parks Circle and the Center City HUB, this area holds its reputation as the hot spot for activity during ArtPrize. Jam-packed with Featured Public Project winners, Artist Seed Grant and Pitch Night winners, the Center City is a must-see stop on the Pathways list! Featured Public Project venues include the JW Marriot and the VandenBerg (Calder) Plaza. Winning Venue Grant locations include DeVos Place Convention Center, Grand Rapids African American Museum and Archives, Grand Rapids Art Museum, Grand Rapids City Hall, Lyon Square and The Fed Galleries @ KCAD, Kendall College of Art and Design. Additionally, Pitch Night winning pieces in the Center City area will be displayed at Grand Rapids Art Museum and the Vandenberg Center. Have questions about anything? Make sure to stop by the Center City ArtPrize HUB at Rosa Parks Circle for more information on all things ArtPrize! 


Heartside covers 2.1 miles of downtown and is home to many galleries, studios, non-profit organizations and night life. Year-round, the Avenue for the Arts connects and presents public art events and markets for all of Heartside. Featured venues include medical industry leaders such as Mercy Health Saint Mary’s and Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. A variety of Venue Grant recipients plan to open their doors to ArtPrizers this season in the Heartside area including 106 South Division Parking Lot, Cerasus Studio, Dime & Regal, Grand Rapids Downtown Market, Meijer-Royce Center for Dance, Ladies Literary Club, Parliament the Boutique, The Light Gallery + Studio, and Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA). Located at Western Michigan University - Grand Rapids, Van Andel Arena and the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA), will be Pitch Night winning pieces. While you're out sight-seeing, make sure to stop by the Heartside ArtPrize HUB located at Monument Park.



Spreading over 1.8 miles of downtown lies Hillside -- an area heralded as one of the nation’s oldest, grandest and most architecturally intriguing neighborhoods. Spanning every style of American architecture, Heritage Hill is an open-air gallery of mansions once housing the lumber lords, teachers, government officials and industry titans who shaped the area during Grand Rapids' rise to fame as America’s Furniture City. While exploring this quaint area, make sure to stop by the Venue Grant locations including Fountain Street Church, [HAS HEART] at Veterans Memorial Park and the Women's City Club. When you need a break, make your way to the Hillside ArtPrize HUB at the Women’s City Club to unwind and find out where your next journey will start! 


Located in and around the Belknap Lookout neighborhood, the 2.4-mile stretch of neighborhood territory is the center of the city's water supply -- boasting a 6 million gallon reservoir servicing the Greater Grand Rapids region. Monroe North was also named after two prominent Grand Rapids icons: Charles E. Belknap, the first commissioner of the Boy Scouts of America, mayor and U.S. Congressman; and the area's unique vantage point atop Belknap Hill, towering 160 ft. bluff overlooking Grand Rapids. While enjoying the area's history, don't forget to pay a visit to the Venue Grant locations including Boardwalk GR Condominiums, Grand Valley Artists, Inc., Lions & Rabbits, Monroe Community Church and the city water building by the richard app gallery. Also, make sure to stop by the Monroe ArtPrize HUB at the DeVos Place.  From here, you can sign up to vote and pick up an event guide and map! 


Covering 2.4 miles of downtown, The Westside neighborhood provides a glimpse back into time in a bustling and growing neighborhood. Grand Rapids’ history comes to life through the restored 1928 carousel in the Grand Rapids Public Museum, the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad Bridge (a.k.a. e Blue Bridge) built in 1892, and the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. With a combination of new and long-standing businesses, restaurants and nightlife hotspots, the Westside offers an array of sights and activities for the ArtPrize-goer to dive into. Make sure to stop by Westside's Featured Public Project locations including the Ah-Nab-Awen Park and the Grand River. Also don't miss out on the artwork featured at Venue Grant winning locations Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum and the Grand Rapids Public Museum. Before leaving the Westside, don't forget to shop the ArtPrize Nine retail line at the nearest ArtPrize HUB located at the Ford Museum!


While all ArtPrize Pathways are created to provide the least amount of barriers to visitors, the one-mile Access Art Pathway is designed with your mobility in mind, specifically individuals who use wheelchairs, walkers, or strollers. This route will take visitors into the Center City and Heartside Neighborhoods, going past Rosa Parks Circle, Monument Park and the ArtPrize HUB/HQ. Take the Silver Line to the Fulton Street bus stop and make your way to the ArtPrize HUB/HQ at 41 Sheldon Blvd to sign up to vote, shop the full ArtPrize Nine retail line (including exclusive items only available at HUB/HQ!), and pick up an event guide and map. Want to view ArtPrize Nine from the road? Take the Silver Line from the DeVos Place bus stop to the Fulton Street bus stop to view ArtPrize Nine Entries and activities.

(Map Coming Soon!)

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