The Artprize District will be divided into five Neighborhoods (see map below). The purpose of dividing the districts was to help visitors figure out a walkable (or semi-walkable) area to arrive and to help venues and businesses in neighborhoods coordinate their events together.

The idea of Neighborhood Days (originally from Caroline Older of the Arts Council of Greater Grand Rapids) is simply to assign certain dates to certain neighborhoods that they can organize around. It does not mean only venues in this neighborhood are open on that day, but it gives the neighborhood a chance to organize their receptions, parties, special events and merchant deals around a specific time when visitors will be encouraged to visit their neighborhood.

If you are planning an event for a Neighborhood Day, email and we’ll add it to our Events Around Town calendar.

Westside Thur, Sept 24 & Fri, Oct 2
Monroe North/Belknap Fri, Sept 25 & Mon, Oct 5
Center City Sat, Sept 26 & Sun, Oct 4
Heartside Sun, Sept 27 & Sat, Oct 3
Hillside Mon, Sept 28 & Tues, Oct 6


Westside – Everything west of the east bank of The River
Monroe North/Belknap – North of 196, East of The River
Center City – South of 196, West of Division, North of Fulton, East of The River
Hillside – South of 196, East of Division, North of Fulton
Heartside – South of Fulton, East of The River

Note: These neighborhoods loosely correspond to the map constructed by the Downtown Development Authority. We recognize several blocks of Heritage Hill are included in the east portion of Heartside/Hillside on the map. To ease navigation for visitors, we did not add a sixth neighborhood to the map.

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