By Zack Bennett, Photography Intern

ArtPrize is the biggest celebration of art that I have ever had the privilege to be a part of. Coming from a much smaller city where we have a very small creative community, I was always excited for ArtPrize prior years when I was just attending. Interning this year as a photographer for ArtPrize was truly an amazing experience for me.  Whether I was learning, meeting new people or just out shooting pictures it was a fantastic work environment.

I’ve included some of my favorite shots that show a small part of the things I was able to photograph during the course of ArtPrize 10. I was able to meet and interact with some truly amazing artist along with the professionals who put this event together and make Grand Rapids such a great place to be for the two weeks during the event. Every day that I was able to go out shooting pictures I learned new things about art, photography, and people. Seeing all the different reactions and ways that people appreciate the art in our city made my appreciation for art and ArtPrize much stronger.

The ArtPrize team was fantastic, they were always problem solving and making sure the event was running smoothly as well as being super helpful if I ever needed anything. The artists were always willing to talk with me explain their process and their excitement being a part of this, most of them having no problem with me photographing them and their pieces. Plus, all the side events that happen during ArtPrize event like the Blue Bridge Music Fest that I hadn’t attended before was absolutely great.

I will truly miss this internship and cannot wait until the next ArtPrize, so I can go out again camera in hand and enjoy all the art with everyone who comes into Grand Rapids.


This post is part of a series sharing the experiences and perspectives of ArtPrize 10 Interns. Developed by Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (KCAD) in collaboration with ArtPrize, the ArtPrize 10 Internship Program provides college students from across the region with paid internships and serves as a way to advocate for professional development opportunities for higher education students in art and design related fields. Together, ArtPrize and KCAD are dedicated to connecting young people to the arts through a variety of learning opportunities, helping to foster a sustainable future for the local and national arts communities.

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