During ArtPrize, artists have needs. Grand Rapids has abilities.

They come from out-of-town by the hundreds, and when artists step off the plane we want to ensure that each one is immediately plugged into Grand Rapids by having a local partner to help them experience what we’re all about.

So we’re inviting local residents to get creative with their abilities. Think what you would do with a friend who came in from out of town. Maybe it’s dinner or a truck to move their installation, or perhaps it’s a ride to-from the airport or something as simple as a cup of coffee.

It could be anything that you’re good at that helps the artist, builds a new relationship and most importantly is fun.

We’re coordinating all of this with our partner TheCommon.org. They connect the goodness of a community for the service of others.

Start by signing up on the volunteer page at ArtPrize.org. And watch the video below to learn even more:

ArtPrize Helper Tutorial from TheCommon.org on Vimeo.

By Kevin Buist on