When we say "go," we mean GO!

By Brian Burch on

Are you ready to GO!? Because it’s GO TIME!

It all starts tonight on the Westside. If you’re looking for free, fun, fantastic exploration in ArtPrize’s largest neighborhood, we know where…

ArtPrize 2010: Art in the Grand River

By Kevin Buist on

The Grand River is a unique venue involving multiple factions from the City of Grand Rapids. Artists wishing to place art INTO THE RIVER (parks and bridges do not apply) must follow a unique…

Artist/Venue Signage

By Paul Moore on

How will artists diplay their voting numbers during the event? How will visitors know they’re walking past a venue? Where’s Kinkos?

Simmer down. ArtPrize will provide each artist and venue…

Neighborhood Days

By Paul Moore on

The Artprize District will be divided into five Neighborhoods (see map below). The purpose of dividing the districts was to help visitors figure out a walkable (or semi-walkable) area to…

Full Venues

By Paul Moore on

Wouldn’t it be great if a venue could check a box on the website and we’d all know it was full? Well, unfortunately, that probably won’t be a feature we can add this year. (Did I mention…

Artists/Venues: The Final Step

By Paul Moore on

Considering over 50 artists have secured venues in the two days since we hit 200, the following message is clearly not for everyone. For a few venues and artists out there who do not…

Venues: List of volunteers

By Paul Moore on

For venues with a lot of space to fill and not a lot of time on their hands, I’ve uploaded a list volunteers willing to help.

The list indicates their willingness to:
Create a shortlist…

Help from Curator for UICA and Old Federal

By Paul Moore on

Photo from Brian Kelly of Old Federal Building

The first ten artists to secure a venue, secured the space through Steve Samson, Exhibitions Manager for UICA (UICA is also selecting artists…

Insurance 101

By Paul Moore on

One question a venue and artist will face together is, “Who insures the art?” In the Hosting Agreement template ArtPrize provides, we leave it up to the venue and artist to decide who does…

Venue profile: WMCAT

By Paul Moore on

One of the venues that has opened up for ArtPrize is the West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology (WMCAT). The facility was built as a next generation learning center by global office…