Pitch Night at the Walker Art Center

By Kevin Buist on

Pitch Night winners Daniel Feinberg and Alexander Hanson (front), with the Pitch Night judges

On May 30, ArtPrize staged the first ever Pitch Night event in collaboration with the…


By Brian Burch on

Children and young adults challenge us to think differently, to take a new perspective. Artists do the same. Today is the first of two ArtPrize education days. These days are creative…

When we say "go," we mean GO!

By Brian Burch on

Are you ready to GO!? Because it’s GO TIME!

It all starts tonight on the Westside. If you’re looking for free, fun, fantastic exploration in ArtPrize’s largest neighborhood, we know where…

ArtPrize 2010: Art in the Grand River

By Kevin Buist on

The Grand River is a unique venue involving multiple factions from the City of Grand Rapids. Artists wishing to place art INTO THE RIVER (parks and bridges do not apply) must follow a unique…