ArtPrize on Tap Flight 2: Showcase Venues

By Jaenell Ott on

ArtPrize exhibitions director Kevin Buist with Cathedral Square curator Liz Hertl at ArtPrize on Tap.

At last night’s ArtPrize on Tap, the second in a series of six gatherings for ArtClub…

Rise of the Sharing Economy

By Amelea Pegman on

Artist host Erica Curry VanEe with ArtPrize 2010 8th place winner Young Kim. Photo: Brian VanEe

“At the core of the sharing transformation is timeless wisdom updated for today – that it’s…

Thoughts on the ART21 Partnership

By Kevin Buist on

On Friday we announced some big news that has been in the works for a while, a multi-faceted partnership with ART21, the New York based non-profit that produces Art In The 21st Century, an…

A New Match In 2014

By Ben Poosawtsee on

We admit it. Even we didn't know how big it was going to be. When 159 venues and 1,216 artists took the plunge in 2009, instead of the 50 venues and couple hundred artists envisioned, we have…