The Art of Play

By Becca Guyette on

The Grand Rapids Children’s Museum celebrates the art of play and promotes learning through interactive, hands-on environments and programs. We are excited to partner with their fun and…

4 Must-see Cultural Events in September

By Emma Higgins on

It may be the month of ArtPrize Seven, but there’s still plenty of other Grand Rapids fun to be had before ArtPrize officially kicks off on September 23rd. Check out these four events…

ArtPrize Seven Critical Discourse Lineup

By Kevin Buist on

Critical Discourse—an event within an event powered by ITC, Your Energy Superhighway—returns for ArtPrize Seven, bringing a week of exploration, interpretation, and debate, as well as…

Meet The Jurors: Steven Matijcio

By Emma Higgins on

Steven Matijcio, Curator at Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) spoke with ArtPrize's Kevin Buist about the importance of architecture, creative misuse, and the CAC's dedication to…

ArtPrize Tips For Educators

By Becca Guyette on

It's never too early to start planning a field trip to ArtPrize! Here are some tips to get you started:

Free Programs

ArtPrize offers programs for school groups administered by leading…

A Head Start With ArtPrize

By Becca Guyette on

Head Start for Kent County is coordinating with over 1,400 families, students, and educators to explore and learn together during ArtPrize Education Days. I recently sat down with Kari Clark,…