Do Artists & Manufacturers Struggle With the Same Color Issues?

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As a proud Grand Rapids-based color company, X-Rite Pantone is excited to once again sponsor the most-attended public art event on the planet. For the past few years, we have partnered with ArtPrize to bring color to life throughout our city. Ranging from the Pantone® Pathways – a color-coded stencil map of the ArtPrize venue locations – to keynotes from Pantone’s top executives, we have enjoyed bringing color to the forefront.

This year we were thrilled when ArtPrize revealed 2017’s…

The science behind colorful ArtPrize

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Most art competitions take place in galleries—ArtPrize takes place in one of the nation’s recognized up-and-coming cities.

Most art competitions attract traditional artists—ArtPrize welcomes…

ArtPrize Seven: A Celebration of Color

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Part 1: Defining the Colors of ArtPrize

Color is all around us. It affects our moods and guides our decision-making. It shapes our environment and helps us navigate life. Color is an…