Venue Registration Closes with 193 Possible Venues

By Brian Burch on

As of 5:00 p.m. today, preliminary numbers of registered ArtPrize venues reached 193 for the 2014 event, topping the 186 registered for ArtPrize 2013. 

While venue registration has officially closed, the final tally will not be complete until all venues receive a site visit from the ArtPrize team, which will take place between now and the kickoff of Artist Registration on April 21.

ArtPrize will potentially have 24 new venues, many of them new businesses to the city. The 169 remaining…

The 5th Annual ArtPrize Awards

By Brian Burch on

On Friday October 4, ArtPrize awarded $560,000 in cash prizes to the artists of 16 installations, concluding the epic, 19-day event.

Throughout the 16-day public voting process, 49,078…

2013 ArtPrize Juried Short List

By Brian Burch on

Tonight ArtPrize hosted its Juried Short List announcement, where each of its five category jurors revealed his or her short list of five installations Two-Dimensional Art,…

ArtPrize Reveals 2012 Top Ten

By Brian Burch on

Ten Finalists Move to Second Round in World’s Largest Art Competition

Following an unprecedented 11 days public voting, ArtPrize, the radically open international art competition and…

Volunteers Sign Up

By Brian Burch on

On August 15, we welcomed all volunteers and friends of art to our Volunteer Kick-Off Rally on the 5th Floor of 55 Campau Ave. in downtown Grand Rapids. The event drew nearly 500 volunteers…