ArtPrize gets really excited about things. Mostly those things have to do with art. Today we announced our open call for artists to participate in the fourth annual event. Open to any artist from around the world, we encourage future participants to register any type of artwork starting NOW at

Artists are urged to sign up as early as possible to ensure a venue for your work, as these connections are already being made between artists and venues. We expect more than 1,500 artists to participate in ArtPrize 2012. Artist registration for ArtPrize 2012 closes May 24, 2012.

The other thing to get really excited about is our 2012 jury. ArtPrize is renowned for being radically open, ie. anyone can be an artist, everyone has a voice. That voice is represented through the public vote. Last year, more than 32,000 people contributed 383,000 votes on public art. Launched in 2010, the ArtPrize Juried Awards program features an annual selection of judges, experts in their respective fields, to distribute $20,000 in each category to the artist whose work best reflects the category. New to ArtPrize is a $100,000 Grand Juried Prize, which will be selected by a panel of three judges.

In addition to the public's voice, we will welcome eight arts professionals to comprise an expanded jury panel. We believe this provides artists with an unprecedented opportunity for both public engagement and professional validation given an open opportunity to have their work to be showcased before some of the leading critics professionals in the art world.

The six ArtPrize Juried Awards and their respective judges include:

Grand Juried Prize

  • Jerry Saltz, Senior Art Critic, New York Magazine
  • Tom Eccles Director, the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College

Two-Dimensional Work

  • Tyler Green Columnist, Modern Painters

Three-Dimensional Work

  • Lisa Frieman Chair, contemporary department, Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Time/Performance-Based Work

  • Cathy Edwards Director of Performance Programs, the International Festival of Arts & Ideas

Use of Urban Space

  • Susan Szenasy Editor in Chief, Metropolis magazine

Outstanding Venue

  • Tom Eccles Director, the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College

Keeping with the mission of openness and providing the potential for surprise, each juror is given the privilege of setting their own judging criteria for the prize.

The six ArtPrize Juried Awards come in addition to the prizes awarded to the top 10 artists based on a public vote. Unlike other competitions, the ArtPrize organization asks the public to vote and decide the winners using mobile devices and the Internet. Ten winners are chosen in two rounds of voting. First place receives $200,000, second $75,000, third $50,000, and fourth through tenth each receive $5,000. To exhibit, artists must secure space with one of more than 195 ArtPrize venues found within a three-square mile district of downtown Grand Rapids before June 21, 2012. Venues range from city parks to rooftops to museums to restaurants.


In 2012, ArtPrize will distribute $560,000 in prizes, $360,000 by public vote, and $200,000 by the professional jury, firmly establishing the competition as the world’s largest art prize based on total monetary prizes distributed.

Artists can register through May 24, but are encouraged to enter now as venues make their selections early!

ArtPrize 2012 is September 19 to October 7.

By Brian Burch on