5x5 NightIf you’re not familiar with 5×5 Night, you should be. Like ArtPrize, it’s an incredible experiment taking place in Grand Rapids that is positively impacting our culture.

Here’s the basics: the platform invites five presenters to show five slides for five minutes to five judges for a chance at $5,000.

Catherine CreamerAmong the judges is ArtPrize’s own Catherine Creamer, our executive director, and an entrepreneur as well as an artist in her own right. Catherine joins four others, including Rick DeVos, Sam Cummings, principal and managing partner at CWD Real Estate, Jay Frankhouse, partner at Fuel-D, and Diana Sieger, president of the Grand Rapids Community Foundation, For more on Catherine’s background, and the bios of the other judges go here.

In the same way that ArtPrize believes that anyone can be an artist, 5×5 believes that anyone can have a good idea for a business or a project. The platform is specifically designed to help each one of us to take small risks by lowering the first barrier to entrepreneurship—getting people to listen.

This is also the first event where all 5×5 presenters have been chosen by the community. You can still vote for presenters at the 5×5 Night website. Sign up and vote today. We’ll all see how the experiment unfolds.

5×5 Night returns the Cook Auditorium in the Grand Rapids Art Museum, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 5:00-7:30PM. $5 admission. More here.

By Brian Burch on