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Volunteer Registration Launches for ArtPrize 2014

By Jaenell Ott on

ArtPrize seeks volunteers to welcome 400,000 visitors to Grand Rapids during the sixth annual event.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. August 14, 2014 – ArtPrize, the radically open, international art competition today announced the launch of volunteer registration for the sixth annual event. ArtPrize seeks volunteers to fill over 12,000 volunteer hours this fall, who through their time and dedication form an essential component of the visitor experience. The ArtPrize Volunteer season will…

A New Match In 2014

By Ben Poosawtsee on

We admit it. Even we didn't know how big it was going to be. When 159 venues and 1,216 artists took the plunge in 2009, instead of the 50 venues and couple hundred artists envisioned, we have…

Announcing ArtPrize Artist Seed Grants

By Kevin Buist on

Beginning in 2014, ArtPrize is proud to offer Artist Seed Grants, presented by the Frey Foundation. 25 artists will receive $2,000 each to help fund ambitious and challenging ArtPrize…

Artist Rules Updates

By Kevin Buist on

Artist Registration for ArtPrize 2014 is up and running! We made a few revisions to the rules this year, so we thought it would be good to summarize those changes here.

You can read a more…

Pitch Night Minneapolis

By Kevin Buist on

What does an artist do with $5,000, 400,000 people, and an entire bridge? Once again, ArtPrize is teaming up with the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis to find out.

Every fall, over 1,500…