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Announcing the 2014 ArtPrize Link Sessions!

By Heather Duffy on

This year we are expanding our 2013 pilot program, ArtPrize Link Sessions—a series of one-on-one meetings for selected ArtPrize Artists to make connections with contemporary fine art and design professionals in our region.

Link Sessions will provide real connections, professional advice, and new opportunities to ArtPrize Artists through these one-on-one sessions, during which more than 40 contemporary art and design professionals will volunteer their time to consult and advise…

Rapid Rides to ArtPrize

By Amelea Pegman on

At ArtPrize this year we are taking a closer look at what it means to value diversity and our commitment to intentional inclusion. Thanks to the Grand Rapids Community Foundation and Blue…

Early Childhood Programs

By Angela De Luca Placencia on

ArtPrize Early Childhood Programs

Taking a group of preschoolers to ArtPrize can be super fun, but also a bit challenging. That's why the education team works with our partners to create…

ArtPrize Education Days 2014

By Angela De Luca Placencia on

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For kids! For families! For everyone!

ArtPrize has something for everyone. There’s art, music, food, friends, fun—the list goes on. And did you know that ArtPrize has an…