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Bird Clarkson

Mount Pleasant, MI, United States

When kids ask he tells them he is from Saturn; (third ring); it feels a whole lot better than saying born in Heidelberg, Germany, then off to Korea and then a bunch of moves and a bunch of states all before graduating college; ah yes the Army Brat life, so see Saturn (third ring) just sounds better. A Psych Major with a Bachelors Degree from Alma College; after playing college basketball for 2 years, he did some traveling down south and to the East Coast and realized what he was supposed to be doing with his life. DANCE...he teaches, performs, entertains, and choreographs, the whole SHABANG. He is currently apart of Central Michigan University and has been apart of their Faculty for 8 years in their Communication and ARTS Department He loves teaching all over the state of Michigan. You can find him at Endurance Fitness teaching Core Strengthening classes, at Spartan Dance Center teaching Hip-Hop, and his Central Michigan University Curriculum classes where he teaches history and technique. A very choreography moment was when his piece received a 297 for excellent precision, execution, and choreography. It also won NATIONALS in Ohio at APPLAUSE with the Highest Score Overall for the entire competition using authentic foundational Street Dance and Hip-Hop; the piece was titled “Cinema”. One of his most recent teaching moments was watching the young 13yr old in his crew; Chlo-Monster, make it to the Finals besting some strong opponents to go up against a well known vet and 30+ year old in the Flint Town Get Down. He is known for saying "NOTHING IS QUITE LIKE SEEING YOUR PEOPLE YOU’VE HELPED EXCEL AND REACH GOALS THEY DIDN’T KNOW WERE POSSIBLE KNOWING THAT YOU WERE APART OF THEIR JOURNEY"

Bird's ArtPrize Entries

These are Bird's official ArtPrize entries from this year and past years.

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    The Pursuit of Ahhwesomeness Presents: PuRe MiCHiMaGiNaTioN

    2017 ArtPrize Entry Bird Clarkson
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  • Photo of THE Wizard of OZomeness

    THE Wizard of OZomeness

    2016 ArtPrize Entry Bird Clarkson
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