Earth Giant

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    2013 6th place
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This is an "Earth Giant" created from mostly natural material found in the forest. I construct a wire frame structure from wild grape vines to build the body. The grape vine structure is then stuffed with leaves and hay to create a solid form. The head, hands, and feet are first sculpted out of chicken wire and then skinned with organic burlap and an all natural concrete mixture called hypertufa. This mixture consists of equal parts: peat moss, vermiculite, and portland cement. Once the head was completed I then sewed found moss into the face to create the beard. This giant is a recreation of my first grape vine sculpture constructed in Coopers Rock State Forest in April 2012. Since Then I have built three other "Eco - Sculptures" including a life size horse, a ten foot black bear, and then the "Earth Giant" for ArtPrize 2013. Below is a time lapse video of the "Coopers Rock Bear" which shows how these grape vine sculptures are created:

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 10
  • Medium: Natural Materials (Grape Vines, tree limbs, leaves, grass, moss, and natural concrete)
  • Width: 6'
  • Year created: 2013
  • Height: 8'

Venue & Connection Information

I would prefer an outdoor venue for this sculpture. Possibly a park or woodland are where spectators will be able to walk up on the giant and meet him face to face. Placing the giant in the forest last time really captured people's imaginations I believe and provided them with a lasting image. This helped make it so popular here locally, so I believe the location will have a great affect on how the viewer remembers the sculpture. I can also imagine this giant living in a large indoor venue with high ceilings or an overhang to place the figure beneath. That could create a different but nice image. I am a very flexible and easy going individual who would not need very much at all from my venue except the space to create. I appreciate all considerations and look forward to the opportunity to show at Art Prize 2013 this fall if you'll have me. Thank You, Ben Gazsi.

Venue Considerations
  • Special Lighting needed: No
  • Internet needed: No
  • Indoor Space needed: No
  • Outdoor Space needed: Yes
  • Audio/Video needed: No
  • Electrical needed: No

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