Baker Tent Rental & Alternatives In Motion

2012 ArtPrize Venue
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We have had the best experiences with our past artists and always welcome them back. We have quite a bit of space so we are always welcoming new artists as well. What makes us unique from the other venues is that we redecorate our display areas to coordinate and emphasize the artwork. We strive to show that Artwork and Special Event linens can go hand and hand. Its fun to see the creations that our linen coordinators come up with. Last year we also held the "No artist left behind" tent along with an artist meet and greet which pulled in 500+ people in a matter of only 3 hours. It was a great way for the community to come in and meet the artists while grabbing a bite to eat. The No artist left behind tent is open to any artist that misses the venue connection deadline and unfortunately has to step out of the Artprize competition. We welcome those artists to come show their work anyway. (Although pariciating in the NALB tent event will not change their status in the competition.)

Our location has been a venue for two years now and are very excited to welcome all of the Artprize artists and visitors to our venue for year number three. 201 Matilda is made up of two different groups Baker Tent Rental which is a Special Events rental store and Alternative in Motion who is a non-profit organization that helps place handicap equipment with people that have no way of affording it otherwise. We are proud to come together to provide the best viewing venue possible. We love to host as many artists in our venue as can comfortably fit. This gives the visitors plenty to look at! We started a new concept last year called the "No Artist Left Behind" Tent. It was a good experience and we look forward to doing it again this year only hopefully bigger and better. We set a tent up on a certain weekend during the ArtPrize dates and invite all of the artist who registered with Artprize but unfortunately never connected with a venue in time, to come show their work anyway.

Visitor Amenities
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  • Free public parking: Yes
  • Handicap accessible: Yes

2012 Entries hosted at this Venue

Venue Location

A map showing Baker Tent Rental & Alternatives In Motion
Baker Tent Rental & Alternatives In Motion
201 Matilda St. NE Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Hours of Operation
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Fri & Sat
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