Blue/Orange Roll

Ara Peterson's avatar Ara Peterson

Each piece results from a series of labor-intensive operations, beginning with the synthesis of wave formations that translate the artist’s initial mental image into a basic form. This is an impressionistic use of algorithms to determine the cutting of wooden slats, which are then hand-painted and assembled into unique volumes that are perhaps most simply described as passageways into new visual intensities... Ultimately, the surface razzle-dazzle becomes marked by its own materiality as closer inspection reveals slight variations in the wood and the application of paint that renders each module unique and singular. Granted this its own type of optical effect, but of a different order, for within the tightly controlled constraints of pattern and repetition, the idea of irregularity takes on poetic import, which Peterson deploys to achieve an unexpected, emotive tension.— Franklin Melendez for a monograph published by Seems

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 0
  • Medium: Wood and acrylic paint
  • Width: 0
  • Year created: 2010
  • Height: 0