its not my fault

Andrew Hawkes's avatar Andrew Hawkes

Its Not My Fault 1,346 sheets of Artist made paper, 1,346 nails, 1,346 strings, chair, scissors Rituals are an ever present facet in almost every religion in the world, and this piece was inspired by the structures specifically behind the action of praying. I was drawn to the process behind Congo nail figures, or nkisi nkondi in which a nail is driven into a wooden effigy to cement specific events as well as to ward off evil. Interestingly enough it was through the sheer destruction and damage to this figure that positive changes could occur. I was also attracted to images of Buddhist wishing walls, where practitioners leave behind sheets of paper with the hope of change on the horizon. Having struggled with anxiety and OCD my entire life I created this for for two reasons; To let go of my obsessions, and even more so to create something beautiful from a part of my life I had worked so hard to conceal and to cure.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: varies
  • Medium: Papermaking
  • Width: varies
  • Year created: 2011
  • Height: varies