Porthole of Scottish Identity

Amanda Cruickshank's avatar Amanda Cruickshank

Upon passage of 'Union of Crowns' in 1707, Scotland has been a part of England. The Scottish identity lives on through culture, language, and most importantly people despite early attempts of the English to extinguish it. If you ask a Scot, what it means to be Scottish, you will get a variety of deeply personal and emotional answers. Some respond that being part of their nation is a part of them, others will say it's in their soul, either way there is an inseparable bond of patriotic pride and deep rooted connection to their identity. This photo was taken at the devolved Parliament building in Edinburgh right after the election results showed a majority party hold in their Parliament, one the first steps toward Scottish Independence. This photo represents me watching my ancestor's country change out a porthole, and what waits beyond remains to be seen.

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  • Art form: 2-D
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  • Medium: Digital Photography
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  • Year created: 2011
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