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Adriano Farinella

Easton, PA, United States

Clouds have always been the symbol of impermanence for me. Their forms constantly changing in service of and as a reaction to their environment. The expression of their purpose fleeting across their bodies making a short but sincere biography. They are at once the beginning of things and the end of things. Painting them from memory and imagination is a way to cultivate the practice and art of paying attention and refine mindfulness. The filter of memory helps transcend the obstacles of time and space. By cultivating the art of memory, the feeling of a time and place becomes more prominent than the actual place itself and the temporal gives way to the eternal. The clouds become figures who have been painted at a time in their lives and who, like human figures, are born, live for a time, change frequently, and then leave. I am most inspired by paying attention to the present moment, and to the evolution of memory and imagination.

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