ArtPrize Advisory Committees

Art Advisory Council

The ArtPrize Art Advisory Council are local, national, and international art professionals who advise on programming, project development and outreach. They promote artist participation, promote understanding and awareness of ArtPrize in the arts community, and determine recipients of artist grants.

Education Advisory Committee

The ArtPrize Education Advisory Committee are local education leaders who are passionate about the arts, youth development, and the impact and role ArtPrize plays for our community's youth and families. Members advise staff on PK-12 educational initiatives, review and approve all education partner grants, review digital and printed educational resources, help build program assessment tools, and assist in building relationships with the education community.

Development Advisory Committee

The ArtPrize Development Advisory Committee consists of distinguished individuals who advise ArtPrize as on development and fundraising opportunities, donor outreach and fundraising events and activations.

Technology Advisory Committee

The ArtPrize Technology Advisory Committee consists of local distinguished technology professionals who advise ArtPrize as on technology activation opportunities, project development, and outreach as the organization's suite of technology solutions continues to grow and evolve.