Photo of Abigail Livingood

Abigail Livingood

Clive, Iowa, United States

What if?! I work thematically. I am inspired by life events or things I have read or music I"ve listened to. Watercolor and colored pencil sketching allows me to test ideas and to generate visual language and vocabulary. I continue to think and research until I get to a point where I see the theme everywhere and then i am able to start more finished pieces. I will try expressing the theme in as many ways as possible. What if I use a completely different material? what if I change the scale? What if I did this two dimensionally instead of three dimensionally? I let all these things influence the idea. I make a lot of art keeping several versions in play at once so no one piece becomes too precious. Producing multiples allows me to dodge the fear factor of ruining "my best piece ever". Playing with several pieces at once allows me to do just that - play and enjoy the work. Keeping the process light minded allows me to focus on the idea at hand rather than myself as the artist.

Abigail's ArtPrize Entries

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  • Photo of Wings of Hope

    Wings of Hope

    2012 ArtPrize Entry Abigail Livingood
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  • Abigail's past work
  • Abigail's past work
  • Abigail's past work
  • Abigail's past work