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Christina Vagenius

Michigan City, IN,

I am a self taught artist, who has always used art as a way of connecting to deeper parts of myself. Without any formal training, I have had the joy of experiencing my art develop through the eyes of raising three small boys, being a mother, wife, daughter and friend. My work began in mosaic, where I have always been intrigued with the idea of an image formed and made beautiful through broken and cut pieces, that a single piece alone is isolated and solitary, but a shared and combined brokenness creates our bigger story, the larger window into what beauty truly is. As the mosaic developed, I began to write daily, the same story, for what seemed like years, every time a newer version unfolding. My current work is a combination of this unraveling story, a journey home, made manifest through cut paper, broken words, and one shared heart.

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    The Gift

    2011 ArtPrize Entry Christina Vagenius
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