Project - "Resist Fear"

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PROJECT – RESIST FEAR Phase 1 Our fears are our greatest obstacles in life. In a time when we are increasingly being controlled by them – politically, socially, and personally – I have created this project with the hope of helping us acknowledge and deal with our fears. I have created numerous 48” x 48” panels, and I invite everyone to write all of their fears down and then figuratively, metaphorically and literally walk away from them. Phase 2 When every inch of these panels are covered I will then “bury” our fears under a thick layer of black wax. The words “RESIST FEAR” will then be scraped back to show a small portion of our fears, the goal is to create a room full of “Resist Fear” panels. This will be done so that future viewers of this piece will know that they are not alone in their fight to resist their fears. Other dates and locations - June 29th - "Activate Chicago", Armitage & Larabee Nov & Dec - Highland Part Art Center

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  • Art form: Time-Based
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  • Year created: 2018
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