The Pursuit of Ahhwesomeness Presents: PuRe MiCHiMaGiNaTioN

Bird Clarkson's avatar Bird Clarkson

I am the PuRe MaN and I welcome you to PuRe MiChiMaGiNaTioN....In a time where viral culture and being in with the trend dominates; we seek to represent the importance of creativity and the belief in ones self as a "pureness". This is a story of beauty, creativity, imagination, and self awareness. We hope our landscape reminds people of the calm, big, small, and ahhwesome in Michigan. I’ve often times looked out and thought to myself “wow this place is so sweet” and that is what our candy represents. But; Hidden within this land of sweet imagination is a confidence and reassured value that you don't have to follow the trend, whether small or big the PuRe in us all starts from within. The PuRe MaN represents my perception of Wonka and the way he took something so GRAND and gave it all away. I truly believe my purpose is to guide and help people discover the MORE inside of them through ahhwesome experiences and PuRe expression. Welcome to PuRe MiChiMaGiNaTioN....Hope you enjoy!!!

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  • Art form: Time-Based
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