Hymn to Ninkasi 2013

Chip VanderWier's avatar Chip VanderWier

Using proto-cuneiform symbols, a Sumerian poet in ancient Mesopotamia wrote the “Hymn to Ninkasi” on a clay table 3900 years ago. The poem celebrates Ninkasi, the Sumerian goddess of beer and brewing. The poem is also the oldest know documented beer recipe. “Hymn to Ninkasi 2013” pays homage to the rich history of zymurgy and celebrates the brewing tradition. Each of the four metal drawings depicts the different stages in the beer brewing process. The first panel, subtitled “Mash Tun”, illustrates the process of immersing the malted barley in hot water. The second panel subtitled “Boil Kettle”, illustrates the stage when the wort is boiled and hops are added to the wort for balance and aroma. The third panel, subtitled “Fermenter”, depicts the fermentation stage. Once the wort is cooled in the boil kettle, it is then transferred to a fermenter, in which yeast is added to the wort. The final panel, subtitled “Kegerator”, illustrates how the beer is dispensed for consumption.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 4
  • Medium: Metal
  • Width: 120
  • Year created: 2013
  • Height: 26