Portraits Painted by an iPad Junkie, Fingerpainted from Scratch on an iPad

Richard Shulman's avatar Richard Shulman

After 18 years of practicing law, and a lifetime of doodling but never saving a drawing, I decided to teach myself how to paint. The thing is, I was never really someone who liked to make a mess. In the past two years I have devoted thousands of hours to developing my abilities. Of course, not one to shy away from challenges, what began with a few strokes on an iPad app, led to other pursuits, including film making and photography. My entry combines my two creative pursuits. One great feature of the applications used, is the ability to capture the brushstrokes of the paintings as they were created. I find this fascinating, and I hope you do too. Sometimes I surprise myself at the results of my work, so it's a bonus to go back and see just how I got to the end result. What I have learned is that it is not necessarily the end painting, but the process that got to that end that is most fascinating. It's really a metaphor for life, I suppose.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Film/Video
  • Depth: 48
  • Medium: Digital video as well as 2-D art on walls
  • Width: 48
  • Year created: 2012
  • Height: 48