A Moment in Time

Kate Askegaard's avatar Kate Askegaard

I love art. Art records history, makes us think, or lets us get lost in a moment. This year, my piece, A Moment in Time captures each of these elements. A Moment in Time is a series of 6 11x14in portraits using the stippling technique: Princess Diana, John Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr., Bruce Lee, Houdini, and Abraham Lincoln. All of these people took full advantage of their moments and by doing so transformed nations. They looked beyond their situations and with hard work and dedication they made the impossible possible. I want people to look into their eyes and know that they too can seize their moment.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 1in
  • Medium: Paper and ink
  • Width: 4 ft (adjustable see note)
  • Year created: 2012
  • Height: 3.5 ft (adjustable see note)