Take Hold Church

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The Take Hold space is located in the Heartside District of beautiful downtown Grand Rapids. We have wall/floor space for artists and a public restroom. This is an excellent space for artists to display creative work. Feel free to stop by anytime and check it out. Also, please feel free to visit our community worship gathering every Sunday night @ 7:00 pm. Come as you are...all are welcome...all befriended.

Visitor Amenities
  • Free public bathrooms: Yes
  • Free public parking: No
  • Handicap accessible: Yes

Artist & Connection Information

We will be gathering artists from our faith community, Heartside District, and beyond. Our venue's default "themes" are faith, hope, love, and social justice, but don't let these hinder you from contacting us to engage in a conversation or potential partnership. We understand that all artists have unique visions and we would love to hear yours. We would want to get to know you and your creative expressions. We would like our space to showcase paintings, photographs, video, sculptures, etc. Also, we have a large three car garage door that sits right on Division Ave. This door/canvas could serve as an awesome space for a creative mural for all the city to see. We are excited to participate in this amazing event. Thank You!

2011 Entries hosted at this Venue

Entry Photo

Star Trek Tribute, mural, 5'X16': "Where No Man Has Gone Before"

Carole Kabrin
  • Two-Dimensional
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