Monroe Community Church

2011 ArtPrize Venue
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Monroe Community Church is an emerging Christian faith community whose mission is “Connecting our downtown community to our life-changing God.” We seek to honor God through celebrating the creative talents of our members, friends, and the community. We embrace the arts by having an art group, continual shows, mentoring at the Coit Arts Academy, and conducting creative, multi-sensory worship experiences. MCC would welcome artists to take advantage of our space, especially if the work is spiritual in nature. Our creative worship team will conduct a 4-week series of worship services based upon themes generated by some of the art that we host. We also plan to have an opening reception, open-mic artist night, and are willing to host private receptions for a small fee. We also expect many K-12 student trips will visit our venue. Past artists remark that they become family when exhibiting with us. Our team is made up of an architect, graphic artist, illustrator, photographer, and painter.

Monroe Community Church meets in an open renovated warehouse space in the heart of the North Monroe neighborhood, which is home to galleries, parks, studios, restaurants, offices, and condos. Our main space for ArtPrize will be our 62’ x 64’ multi-use assembly space that includes a library/lounge, screen, and an open kitchen. One of the interior walls is the former exterior wall of the building next door, featuring interesting brickwork and enclosed masonry window openings. The space has a lot of raw character with sealed concrete floors, painted block and brick walls, and 18’ high exposed steel structure. This very rugged space is not precious and could tolerate custom display and fastening systems for installation artwork. Worship seating can adapt to fit the art we host. We have an array of flexible theatrical light fixtures. We will be open for at least the Minimum hours and our staff will also work in the space for SOME of the extended hours, depending upon work schedules.

Visitor Amenities
  • Free public bathrooms: Yes
  • Free public parking: Yes
  • Handicap accessible: Yes

2011 Entries hosted at this Venue

Venue Location

A map showing Monroe Community Church
Monroe Community Church
800 Monroe Ave NW Suite 140 Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Hours of Operation
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Fri & Sat
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